Lil’ Red Wagon Services

1006 N 194th Ave

Buckeye AZ 85326


I mentioned to Tyler that I wanted a scooter rack for my RV. He asked a few questions and I explained my rough vision to him and he promptly exclaimed, “I can do it! “
I told him I did not have a scooter, he told me to “go buy one”!
I asked how long it would take, he said: “about a day-day and a half.”
I knew him to be a man of integrity so so I got on craigslist and found a scooter. The next day he started on the rack. When I explained to him that I may want something larger, like a Harley, he said no worries, I always overbuild, you’ll see. He was right. It’s beautiful.
He even raised it up to a level I needed it in case I had to go down a steep driveway and made a removable 4-inch receiver hitch in case I really got into a jam.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area you need to go by the suburb of Buckeye Arizona to a shop called Lil’ Red Wagon Services and speak to Tyler. He can take your dream, or your rough drawing, or just your imagination and turn it into a masterpiece!