Owners Statement

We bought this beautiful home brand new in October 1988. It’s on a loop street that is pretty much only traveled by my neighbors. It’s very quiet and doesn’t have a lot of through traffic, making it nice for children and privacy.

I’ve always been a car enthusiast and enjoy the 2 car garage and large yard for parking my various toys.  I decided to have the main garage built in about 2003. I had the concrete professionally poured so I could work on my toys inside and out. I made sure the concrete was extra thick under the planned hydraulic lift.

Besides the two garages, I had a prep-room/work area built onto the front attached garage. It houses the air compressor, sheet metal brake, metal bender, press and other misc tools and chemicals. It’s where I mix body filler and paint as well.

The Tough Shed houses other miscellaneous tools and parts. You just can’t have enough storage.

The patio is where we entertain or just relax after a days work. It has a BBQ grill, string lights, small water fountain, table and chairs with a hula umbrella.

Here’s another thing that makes this house unique… *it comes with almost everything you see in the photos! The furniture, TV’s, wall art, BBQ grill, and most importantly, THE TOOLS.

Why? We plan on hitting the road to enjoy full-time RV travel for a while. So you can have it all!

That presents a challenge though and is why I’m marketing it myself. Here’s the challenge as I see it:

I’m not a real estate expert,,, that said, I suspect the house will appraise for somewhere around $200,000. I’ve heard appraisers won’t give any value for the garage, prep room, Tough Shed, tools, furniture, or all that beautiful concrete. That means to finance, the buyer will need about $70,000 to $80,000 cash down. I’ve had realtors assure me the house will appraise much higher and that I’m mistaken. I hope that’s true, but you should be ready for a large down payment just in case.

You should look at the business opportunity and reach for the difference between whatever it appraises for and the satisfaction (and business profit) this home could bring.

By the way, there is no (HOA) Home Owners Association!

Thanks for your time and interest.

*Motor vehicles, computers & sewing machines are not included.

Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.

Proverbs 21:21 NIV