Sewing room More Info Coming Soon

A: Rolling two sided mirror
B: drawer cart with fasten skirt zippers in bottom drawer, coat and sleeping bag zippers and middle drawer, top drawer flannel back satin four coats.
C: Sewing machines
D: Chandler mini skipper blind hammer
E: Thompson portable mini walking foot leather sewing machine
F: Burnett Bernina fun lock Double OO4 surgery With operators guide book
G: BrotherXL2590 basic stitch with five different feet
H: Juki DDL-555on with 6 Extra feet, top plate and feed dogs
List of basic sewing notions
1: Sewing machine needles for all the machines
2:Yards of ivory and white bridal tule
3:threads for all machines
4: Satin Ribbon 100 yr spools
5: rolls of Elastic
6: feasible interfacing by the rolls
7: Hooks for slacks
8: Snaps Different sizes
9: Beading
10:Safety pins
11: Plastic rings (for bridal bustle)
12:Shank buttons
13 : designer Silver buttons
14:Hat pins
15:Plastic swimsuit elastic and black and clear
16:Marking wax
17: Cutting table
18: Hair combs
19:Zipper pulls in Different sizes
20:Lace hem tape( 4 yards and up) Black,white , and Ivory
21:Rolls of White, Gray, brown 2” seem tape
22: 5 Dressmaker rulers,
23: Electric scissors
24: Rotary cutter
25: Wall of sewing notions
26: Over 200 Bobbons
27: 20 yards of tan Velcro
28: Two rolls of horses tail (bridal)
29: 75 yards button braid in Black and Ivory
(Threads for all of the sewing machines)
30: 130 Baby lock thread
31: 35 Guterman 5000m spools of thread
32: 344 Guterman 100% polyester 1000m
33: 82 woolly thread 1000 yards
34: 27 Gunold embroidery thread
35: 14 Woolly nylon cones
36: 4 large cones Jean thread
37: 5 700yr Jean thread
38: 5 250yr Colored light weight Jean thread
39: 3 braided thread
40: 4 nylon thread for blind hammer
(Specialty tools and supplies)
41: Tools For working on zippers, rivets, and snaps
42: Solenoid Valve Steam iron with gravity feed bottle Model number PSI-5E
reliable vacuum board
43: Three sided adjustable solid wood mirror
43: Collapsible clothing rack
44: Hem marker with powder
45: Three bar bagging rack
46: Size 10 body form
47: Hanger holder
48: 7.120 spool Table top rack
49: 360 spool table top rack
50: hammer
51: Anvil
52: Box of embroidery thread
Sewing machine needles for all the machines
53: Boom lamp
54: Different kinds and size hand sewing needle’s
55: scissors
56: alteration tags
57: Small dress red
58: special filters for iron