Workhorse Chassis – 8.1L  496 cubic inch Vortec Big Block Chevy

4 Spd. automatic transmission, w/ Gear Vendors Over Under Drive for 8 forward gears.

Disc brakes all around, dually’s, two AC’s, dual exhaust, fuel injection, cruise control.
Onan generator.
Hydraulic levers.
Everybody says their RV is in great condition,,, but when I was looking for an RV for under $25K, I searched and searched. I’d answer their ad, drive across town and upon inspection would discover oil leaking, mismatched worn-out tires, poor alignment,,, RV’s that were just in mechanically poor condition. Most had roof leaks, stained ceilings and tattered, worn-out awnings too. Plus they smelled like “Fluffy” their pet.

(If you’ve been shopping I’m sure you know what I mean)

Then I found this GM Workhorse chassi’d, Big Block Chevy powered, beauty.
During my search, I discovered the 496 Chevy has more torque & horsepower than the Ford V-10. It runs down the highway at a lower RPM due to its better torque and the Gear Vendors Overdrive, plus it’s quieter and pulls the Toyota with ease. Parts are abundant too.
It’s got some nice upgrades like Winnebagos *Motoraid Water Heater System – Fantastic Fan – Winegard Satelite Dish that’s set up for Dish TV,  Updated/Upgraded Ignition System, Gear Vendors Overdrive and I’ve been told the Onan Generator & Water Heater are better than factory. New awnings installed last summer & the roof was re-coated with a nice layer of fiberglass about 3 years ago. (no water stained ceilings).

*(The Motoraid System uses the engine to heat the hot water heater while driving, and it stays nice and hot for a couple of hours. Save $$ on propane.)

I’ve owned it for over three years and it’s been a real joy… and it’s been all over!
Very reliable, and that’s the most important thing about an RV. I keep it serviced at regular intervals.

65K miles

The interior is nice. Two sliders open to create lotsa’ room, it also has two updated flat-screen TV’s.

The bad: Dash heat and air have never worked. Most class A owners I know agree & never use theirs either. (anemic) They use the coaches’ heat and air conditioning system.

There’s one crack in the windshield that I had repaired/stopped.  It’s not in the line of sight.

The previous owner put some scratches on it and the paint and decals are a little faded. If you have to have a beautiful, shiny paint job, this may not be the RV for you.

That’s all the bad that I can think of. But in my experience, most sellers let you figure that stuff out on your own.

The reason it’s up for sale is I’ve got my eye on a larger diesel pusher that is just as nice. If that RV sells, then I’ll take this ad down, keep it and enjoy it in southern Arizona this winter.

The blue Toyota (Toad) is not for sale, but they’re easy to find. and tow bar installation is a breeze. And as I mentioned earlier, it pulls behind it like it’s not even there.

Update: October 9-11th 2019

We drove it to Socorro to get away from Rio Rancho’s freezing temperatures and enjoyed the Mineral Museum and V.L.A. (Very Large Array).

Chasing 70°

What Fun!

Ready when you are!

Update: November 8-20th 2019

We drove it to Hillsboro NM to enjoy the Truth or Consequences Veterans Car Show.

If you look real close in the picture below, you’ll see about a dozen deer in our front yard.

If you’re in Sierra County and want to check out the RV, this would be a good time.

Chasing 70°

What Fun!




Click here to see a video showing how we prep for the road.

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