Vitamin C Orange

  • 318 2 barrel V-8
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Air Conditioner – Recent R134 Conversion
  • Swiveling Captains Seats
  • Shag carpet
  • 1/2 Roof Rack
  • Ladder
  • Sunroof
  • Original Factory AM/FM Radio
  • Cruise Control
  • Wide Wheels & Tires

Very clean, good driving “Survivor” that’s spent most of its life in a garage… Rust Free!

Imagine cruising this beautiful “Shorty” Dodge Van on Whittier Blvd, in East L.A. or Van Nuys Blvd in the San Fernando Valley or Crenshaw, Hollywood Blvd. or even Albuquerque’s Central Ave. (AKA) Route 66. They don’t come straighter or more original than this one!

The Bad:

While most sellers don’t disclose much that’s bad about their vehicle, I’ll go ahead and tell you the three things that I would want someone to tell ME before I purchase…

1. I’ve been told it may have a couple of slightly worn valve guides. Why? Here’s the symptom: It never smokes on startup,,, never. But about two minutes into the warm-up, it blows a little smoke for about two city blocks,,, then no more afterward. It’s like they seal good when cold, and again when hot, but the transition between cold & hot allows just a little oil past the valve guides. In spite of this it doesn’t use a lot of oil.
2. The right rear brake hangs up just a little on the first stop or two,,, then it’s of and running. They work great afterward.
3. The front tires will need replacing soon. They’re wearing out, and because of their width they kind of wander in the street cracks. Anyone who’s ever used really wide front tires knows what I’m describing.

(I’ve been driving it like this every week since I’ve owned it and I haven’t felt any compulsion to work on it, it drives great.)

Also if you study the photos, you’ll see a small dent and paint chipped on the front side cargo door.

Hopefully you appreciate my honesty. But it runs great, everyone who’s ever ridden with me agrees, it’s a really nice running van, the air conditioner blows nice & cold and it gets thumbs up everywhere I go!


Thanks for looking!


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